BF Health  & Safety

Ensuring that all of our members are exercising and using equipment in a manner that is safe for them and the people around them is BF's top priority. Below, you will find several videos with health and safety instructions and etiquette that we expect all gym members and staff to adhere to.


Health & Safety Induction


Welcome to Bloomsbury Fitness. This is your gym as a Students' Union UCL member. We have some of the most up-to-date pieces of equipment in the fitness industry. We take pride in the service we offer. We want you to have the best experience possible while you are using the gym so it’s important that you follow Health & Safety, Etiquette and guidelines. You must bring your ID card to gain entry. It is important to bring the correct gym attire when coming to Bloomsbury fitness. Otherwise you could be refused entry into the building or asked to leave the main gym. No shorts or trousers with belt hooks. Tops must be worn at all times. If wearing a vest, it must cover the chest area. Members must wear footwear i.e. trainers at all times unless in the stretch area or studios. If playing squash, trainers must be worn at all times. At Bloomsbury Fitness we provide a water fountain in each changing room, on the gym floor, and we sell water at the front of house. You can also buy energy drinks, protein shakes and protein bars. Use the lockers provided for your belongings and lock your equipment.Members must wipe down sweat and spills from equipment after use with tissues as well as water spray provided.

The gym can potentially be a dangerous place. Lots of heavy equipment and weights combined with people performing difficult dynamic exercises. Be considerate of your limits and lift safely. If you have ever seen any gym fail videos you know what we mean! Members must not leave bags, shoes or unused accessories on the gym floor or benches. String bags are permitted if placed in an area that is not causing a trip hazard. Spatial awareness is very important to prevent unwanted accidents. Be alert and be aware. You must use clips on all bar exercises. No gym fails wanted here! Just to let you know, we do not allow dry chalk powder in the gym. After use, strip your weight bars, put away your discs and weights in the correct designated storage areas. Please be aware of your surroundings when lifting. Workout with a friend if possible. They can help you spot when required. The gym is a friendly place, you can ask another member to spot if they are available. Do not lift in front of the dumbbell racks. Maintain access for others. Olympic bars must not be removed from any bench stations as they have a designated area and are labelled as such. Olympic bars should only be used on the platforms, even if warming up with one. Be considerate when using your mobile phones in the gym. Take calls outside of the main gym area.

It’s reasonable to have a maximum of 3 gym members per free weight station or resistance machine, depending on the rest periods. Let others work in. At busy times, please allow others to use the CV machines. Limit your time and rotate with other machines. This will also give a more varied workout for you too. CV machines may automatically switch off after 30 minutes during busy periods, so other members can use them as well.

Classes must be booked a day in advance or on the day if spaces are available. Please be on time or you could be turned away if the class has started. This is your gym as well. Dispose of rubbish in the bins! And clean up after yourself if you drop anything. If you are feeling sick or unwell, please do not use the gym. Recover sufficiently first. Also, please don’t get changed on the gym floor, this includes switching footwear for weightlifting. Please use our facilities available to do this.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. BF will not tolerate any kind of verbal or physical abuse towards any members of staff or gym members. Any matters relating to this kind of behaviour will lead to immediate, indefinite expulsion from the facility. There may be other rules or instructions not covered in this video that you could be required to follow.


Seated Row Technique



Abdominal Curl & Twist Technique